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Ways to Celebrate National Handwriting Day, January 23

  • Write Letters…            
  • Practice Your Signature…
  • Keep a Journal…
  • Handwrite your goals…

National Handwriting Day allows us all to realize and appreciate what a pencil and paper can do.

  • Look how this young person used her handwriting skills to encourage patients in a children’s hospital. 
  • What does your handwriting say about you? If you think it’s too sloppy or unattractive, then work on improving it. The “Teach Yourself Cursive” workbook can help you with that. 
  • Teach someone cursive. All children don’t have the opportunity to learn cursive by way of a teacher or parent. New American Cursive has a penmanship program for all ages.
  • Keep a journal.  Then, enjoy seeing the variances in your script as you write things with different emotions. Your writing reflects what’s happening in your life. Journaling about something that made you angry can cause your writing to have heavier pressure and be more angular.  When writing about something happy, your writing is likely to go uphill. 
  • Practice your signature. For inspiration, look at some famous signatures. Make sure your signature is legible, making it easier for others to read and harder to forge.
  • Handwrite your goals, dreams, and hopes. You are 33% more likely to achieve your goals due to the act of engraving them in your brain as you write them down.

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