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Our Success

New American Cursive Penmanship Program®
is endorsed by the Penmanship Council

We are always honored and humbled to hear about the success you are having with the New American Cursive Penmanship Program.  If you agree, please feel free to write us and let us know how the program is working out for you, or drop us a line or even a like on facebook. Happy handwriting!

“Students are excited about their cursive penmanship and parents are pleased to see their enthusiastic children write beautiful papers.”

Cheryl Lowe, Founder – Highlands Latin School

So Simple!

"It is thorough and easy to follow. This is overdue. So simple, important and logical. Thanks for all your hard work!"

Debby Peddy

"I have been using The New American Cursive (NAC) handwriting system in a small non-profit school for special needs children where I teach part-time. We have children, ranging in age from 7-18 who have all manner of learning styles. We have been using the program in conjunction with Jeanette Farmer's Retrain the Brain program.

The children have enjoyed the challenge of cursive writing, and their attitudes tell me on a daily basis that the program will be successful for them. The workbook is very simple to work with, gives plenty of practice, and allows space for the children to do some creative artwork. Even built into the program are encouraging statements on values and successes, which the students need at this young age. The NAC program CD allows the teacher to make custom worksheets so he/she can create worksheets especially suited to a teacher's vocabulary list or the student's needs.

I believe that the challenge of using cursive speaks mostly to the use of eye-hand communication and the fine motor skills involving the smallest muscles in the human body. What people don't understand about handwriting is that the use of these muscles will stimulate parts of the brain that nothing else does. In using these parts of the brain, the students will enliven motor pathways that can continue to build and strengthen.

I know I can always call Iris if I need help or have questions. I highly recommend this program. The other teachers I work with have been surprised at the abilities of autistic and ADHD students to participate in the cursive training with excellent results. We are looking forward to learning every letter and practicing daily!"

Cleo Bloedon, MEd.
Teacher - Hawaii

Simple and Easy

"It is designed for the child and looks fun. I especially like the red starting points. I definitely endorse this simplified version of cursive writing. The instructions are simple and easy."

Jane O'Brien

"I feel children will enjoy and find it fun, and it will hold their attention."
Sheryl Alexander
"Congratulations! With penmanship training so grossly neglected, your cursive handwriting program is a delightful method that can change that scenario. You've created an easy method for children to learn and for teachers to teach."
Jeannette Farmer
Handwriting Remediation Specialist - Colorado

Easy to Produce

"Very good for younger children, easy to produce. It is the bridge between handwriting and computers. The children can do both!"

Karen Whittemore

"Just a note to say thank you for the Cursive Writing Program. Elizabeth loves it and so do I! It is so easy to follow. Elizabeth started the third grade this school year and the teacher didn't even mention starting cursive writing. This meant I had to teach cursive writing on my own to Elizabeth. Your program saved the day! She is writing beautifully and enjoys it! Her ability to write quickly allows her to keep up with so many things in school. "I wish her school had your wonderful cursive writing program as part of their curriculum. I've seen such a difference in Elizabeth since she started writing in cursive. She is much more confident. I see her 'beam' when she shows off her work!"
Mary Quinn

Standing Ovation

"I am a retired teacher. The New American Cursive alphabet deserves a standing ovation."

Linda Green

"I was very intrigued by the idea of cursive for my first grader and my excitement was contagious enough to make him excited as well. A cute character, Mr. Meerkat, guides the student through this simplified version of cursive. I was happy to discover that my first grader found cursive to be easier than print, as it flows smoothly across the page. I was also pleased that the letter was displayed in print as well, helping him to connect the printed version with the cursive version. I love this particular cursive so much, that I plan to order the New American Cursive StartWrite Software and teach this to all of my children next year!"
Home School Reviewer