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New American Cursive Workbook 2 – Standard

NAC Workbook 2 – Standard

Intermediate Cursive Handwriting Workbook

 This book is available in two versions. The Standard version (shown here) has quotations from famous Americans, and the Scripture version has quotations from notable historical figures and Bible verses. They both teach the same handwriting principals, but use different quotes. This intermediate cursive workbook guides students as they continue to learn proper letter formation, fluency, legibility, and rhythm.

NAC® Workbook 2 (intermediate) includes:

  • 130 instructional lessons that only require 15 minutes a day
  • Lessons on the 4 Keys of Penmanship: Shape, Size, Slant, and Space
  • Illustrations and exercises on connecting letters
  • Lessons on writing numbers
  • Fun art exercises to help further develop fine motor skills
  • Lessons on reading other cursive styles
  • 7 page Teaching Guide
  • Journal writing
  • Dictation exercises
  • Thank-you note practice
  • Reproducible practice pages