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New American Cursive Workbook – Teach Yourself

Teach Yourself Cursive – Cursive that fits You!
(5th grade to Adult) $25.00

Quit apologizing for your messy handwriting. Prepare yourself for a lifetime of handwriting success.  These easy methods make learning cursive a pleasure. Practice just 15 minutes a day to get remarkable results. Whether you want to improve your cursive skills or start from the beginning, you will learn the importance of proper penmanship in the interesting, informative, Teach Yourself Cursive workbook.

Teach Yourself Cursive Includes:

  • Step-by-step lesson plan
  • Clear illustrations on how to form each letter properly
  • Lessons that help you develop your individual style
  • Correct pencil grip and paper position illustrations
  • Three keys to easy letter connections
  • Signature training lessons
  • Practical tips for style, size, space & slant
  • Exercises for practicing often used words
  • Writing tips for left-handers
  • Suggestions for keeping a journal
  • Fun writing exercises that help you read other cursive styles
  • Reproducible practice pages in various sizes
  • Handwriting improvement techniques for everyone

“Iris Hatfield has done it again! Teach Yourself Cursive makes practice easy and interesting, with plenty of guides and incentives to keep us improving in handwriting that is consistent, legible, and yes, faster than printing. Above all, New American Cursive is proven to be based on positive psychological principles.”-Willa W. Smith: Ed. D.