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Our Handwriting Program

New American Cursive reimagines what simple, elegant cursive handwriting can be.

Handwriting is my passion, in fact, more than a passion it is a calling. I delight in seeing beautiful cursive script. However, it is more than just teaching students to write neatly, it is about what the handwriting symbolizes or says about that unique individual.

Computers aside, students seem to recognize the importance of a pleasing, legible script. A child who can write fluidly and neatly can also get their ideas on paper quickly, then they can focus on content over letter formation. Regrettably, the penmanship of American students has deteriorated over the last several decades. I see children struggle with writing and know the far-reaching effect poor writing has on them.

Writing difficulties have an adverse effect on education, and in the business world costing companies billions. In our current educational system, most students are not taught cursive until the second or third grade, if at all. However, the Penmanship Council of America recommends that, “cursive script be taught as the primary form of writing in the first grade.” By the third grade, student’s printing habits are so fixed that it is difficult for them to learn an entirely new way of writing. The transition time between “unlearning” and “new learning” frustrates and confuses many students, and they often revert back to printing.

The intricate motor skills required for handwriting are really child’s play. Why have we turned it into a chore? Most educators receive little or no training in cursive instruction. The New American Cursive Penmanship Program (NAC) was developed to remedy that need. The NAC Alphabet is a simplified script that is legible, fast and attractive. Every stroke in the NAC Alphabet was analyzed for clarity, speed and ease of learning. The NAC Copybook is simple, clear and effective, and it focuses on increasing legibility and ease of learning for beginners. It has no distracting illustrations or games so the student can focus on his/her writing and the correct letterforms. Numerous opportunities to trace and practice correct letterforms improve the student’s graphic maturity.

The user-friendly StartWrite/NAC® software program allows teachers and parents to customize worksheet pages and integrate cursive practice with any subject. You can create worksheets illustrating how to write the student’s name, spelling words, scripture and poems all in the NAC script. It makes teaching and learning penmanship pleasurable. The New American Cursive Penmanship Program is designed for adaptability to the skill level and individuality of the student.

Handwriting is a vital life skill. Early training in cursive is essential; it allows the student to build up speed for class work and tests. A fluid cursive script allows the hand to glide over the page instead of hopping across with the disconnected up and down strokes of printing. As an expressive form of communication, cursive writing is more “you” than any printed piece could ever hope to be.

Iris Hatfield - Creator of New American Cursive