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Why Teach Cursive Writing?

Few things help enhance a student’s academic achievement and self-respect more than the development of good penmanship.

A well-rounded, educated child should learn how to both write in cursive and use computers. It is hard for children to read cursive if they do not know how it is written. Is there anyone who doesn’t appreciate distinctive, legible handwriting?

  1. Cursive improves the continuity and fluidity of thought in written communication. Connecting letters increases the speed of writing. Increased speed improves attention span and the ability to excel academically. The connectivity of letters is pleasing to children. They feel the flow of the letters and they sense the delight of the movement.
  2. Cursive improves neural connections in the brain. Cursive improves the dynamic interplay of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The physiological benefits of the release and control (up and down) movements of cursive help build pathways in the brain while improving mental effectiveness.
  3. Cursive graphically illustrates the development of fine motor skills. Handwriting is a frozen picture of the complex development of the brain. Few outward expressions convey a well-educated individual better than the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas effectively through the written word. Nice penmanship is like a business suit for your letter, it makes a good impression. Cursive is more individualistic and expressive than printing; it’s an art in itself.
  4. Learning cursive can train self-control in ways that other methods of writing do not.  Cursive writing is a fluid, pleasurable kinesthetic exercise that helps ground student's energies.
  5. Cursive can be particularly effective for students with dyslexia or dysgraphia. It can also aid in preventing the reversal and inversion of letters.

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