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Left-Hander Writing Tips

 So much attention is given to those who write with their right hand, and yet, there are so many left-handers in the world! Here are some helpful tips for left-handers when it comes to writing in cursive.

  • Paper should be positioned to the left of the writer's midline and tilted clockwise so that the top-right corner of the paper is closer to the writer than the top-left corner. Positioning your paper more toward your writing shoulder allows your arm to move freely.
  • Left-handed writers need to grip the pencil higher than right-handers. Hold the pencil 1 to 1.5 inches from the point, far enough from the point to be able to see what has been written. It also helps prevent smearing what has been written.
  • A far-right slant is not necessary. Use the slant that is comfortable for you. The New American Cursive alphabet is left-hander friendly, with a slight right slant. The degree of slant is not as important as consistency in slant.
  • When possible, sit so the light comes over your right shoulder. This way you will not get the shadow of your writing hand and shoulder on your work.
  • For proper writing instruments, find a free-flowing pen with fast-drying ink. Some pen tips drag or dig into the paper when they move to the right. It all comes down to trying out different instruments and points to see what fits you. Some rollerball pens work well for lefties.

A more complete list is included in the Teach Yourself Cursive workbook.