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Cursive in the News

The truth about cursive handwriting: Why it matters in a digital age

American Handwriting Analysis Foundation - June 2016

            This white paper is a compilation of the current arguments both for and against handwriting instruction. The paper goes through arguments against handwriting instruction, and then arguments for handwriting. As the paper progresses, the writers discuss the importance specifically of teaching and using cursive rather than just teaching manuscript in the classroom.

Teaching Fluent Handwriting Remediates Many Reading-Related Learning Disabilities

Scientific Research  - September 2015

            This research stresses the importance of how the student holds the pencil when writing the letters. An incorrect hold can give a mixed signal to the brain making it challenging for the writer to duplicate the correct shape of the letter. Correcting the pencil grip could help correct the letter shapes.

Biological and Psychology Benefits of Learning Cursive

Psychology Today - August 5, 2013

            There are many benefits to learning cursive such as hand-eye coordination, engaging both cerebral hemispheres, self-disciple, as well as emotional benefits of mastering the task.

Effects of Physical Rotational Movement Difference and Handwriting Position on Academic Achievement and Learning Disabilities 

Scientific Research - February 2015

            This research discovers a possible link between learning disabilities, such as dyslexia may cause phonemic problems. This paper looks at the relationship between the written letters and the pencil position.

What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades

New York Times - June 3, 2014

            As education passes over penmanship for a more rigorous content in school, many children continue to struggle in learning. Read about research that is being completed to bolster the need to continue handwriting for all ages.

Learning Cursive in the First Grade Helps Students

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - September 16, 2013

            The debate continues as to when a child should learn cursive. Read about the benefits of learning cursive in the first grade, instead of later in life.

Handwriting Improves Memory Retention

Out of the Jungle - May 25, 2014

            Technology is invading every facet of our lives. Many students are beginning to take notes on their computers in college, and even in some high schools. Read about the hindrance of taking notes on computers and the helpfulness of handwriting.

Printing, cursive, keyboarding: What’s the difference when it comes to learning?

Indiana University - January 24, 2012

            As many states allow cursive to fall into the background, Indiana strives to keep it alive. Read about why IU neuroscientist Karin Harman James pushed to keep cursive writing in the curriculum.