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New American Cursive Workbook 1
Grades 1-4)   $22.95

Research shows that when students do not begin learning cursive until the third grade, their levels of efficiency slow down to that of a first grader. By teaching cursive as early as the first grade, NAC helps students to excel in every subject as they advance to the upper grades.

The friendly Mr. Meerkat guides beginner students through Workbook One with fun illustrations and simple exercises as they take the first steps to learning basic cursive using NAC’s intuitive simplified alphabet.

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NAC2_FA_Spiral.jpgNew American Cursive Workbook 2
(Grades 2-4)  $22.95

The second workbook is available in two different versions: Standard, featuring inspiring quotations from famous Americans, and Scripture, which features quotations from notable historical figures and Bible verses.

Both versions teach the same handwriting principals with different quotes. Workbook Two guides students as they continue to learn proper letter formation, connections, legibility, and fluency.

It is available in both versions:  Standard and Scripture.

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Workbook 3 std.jpg

New American Cursive Workbook 3  
(Grades 3-4)  $22.95
(with previous cursive training)

NAC Workbook Three meets the modern student’s needs with proven teaching methods to form a fast, legible script.

In this book, students will build on the skills they have developed with workbook one and two and learn lessons on manners and correspondence protocol while further enhancing their developed cursive writing skills. 

It is available in both versions:  Standard and Scripture.

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Teach Yourself Cursive
Cursive that fits You!
(5th grade to Adult) $22.95


With Teach Yourself Cursive, older students and adults can find a handwriting style that suits their needs. Teach Yourself Cursive is easy whether you’re learning for the first time, or fine-tuning your penmanship later in life.

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StartWrite Software-Windows ONLY

The Startwrite/NAC software is designed to create supplemental, customized worksheets that can introduce cursive practice into any desired subject. This easy-to-use interface allows users to create lessons that are specifically tailored to any student’s needs, interest, or skill level. It is only available for Windows.
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Combinations of the NAC materials are also available. Check out our order page for a full listing of the combinations.