New American Cursive
by Iris Hatfield (email)
Published by Memoria Press

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New American Cursive® Simplified Alphabet Advantages

Old cursive style abounds with flourishes and loops, which is not practical for the beginning writer or for today's fast-paced life style. The New American Cursive® alphabet was developed with the beginning writer in mind:

  • Unnecessary strokes eliminated -- NAC® has from 5 to 31 fewer strokes than the current five most used cursive styles.
  • "T" & "F" capitals are printed forms to reduce confusion between them; printed capital "Z" is easier & more fun to make.
  • "M" & "N" have less retracing, allowing the writer to move forward on the page more fluidly.
  • Balanced length on the upper and lower extensions of the f, g, j, p, q, y & z.

    NAC® natural-right slant is easier for beginners and left-handers. If the slant is too far right it can be difficult for lefties. Writing absolutely vertically is tiring and can slow down the writing.
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